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Subhash C Jasti to present on the Automation of Dual GAAP Accounting (and Fixed Assets/ Accounts Payable)

Name: Subhash C Jasti
Topic: Automation of Dual GAAP accounting
Dual GAAP Automation for Asset Procurement How do we represent multiple accounting representations for a single transaction? How do we automate the Dual GAAP accounting without manual reclass and reconciliation? Solution revolves around the automation from Requisition, PO, AP, and FA to GL with minimal manual effort.

AP SIG Prepares for Collaborate 2016

The Oracle AP SIG is preparing for Collaborate 2016 in Las Vegas!!  This year's event promises to be exciting as the AP SIG will discuss the impact of cloud applications, -- Oracle Fusion -- on the corporate IT environment.  What specifically does cloud applications add to the mix?


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